What the Speed Test Tool Can Give You

Nowadays, it is very important to always know the speed of your internet connection in terms of the download bandwidth and the upload bandwidth. Is your internet connection fast enough to allow you to stream online videos online fast, download large files quickly, decently play online video games, and upload files faster to websites like YouTube, Facebook, Flickr, iCloud, and Google Drive.

Determining the speed of your internet connection speed using on online speed test tool is usually the trend nowadays. Most people from all over the world avail internet connection services from internet service providers. But, what they want to find out is to know if their ISPs provide the internet connection speed that they are paying for. So they utilize such a speed test tool like the PTCL speed test tool. This article will discuss to you what the speed test tool can give you.

ptcl speed test

Knowing the Upload and Download Speeds of Your Internet Connection

You can know your internet connection speeds, specifically the upload and download speeds of your internet connection, using the speed test tool. If you are thinking why when you stream videos only or when you download files from the internet, it takes a very long time. The answer to that is the download speed of your internet connectivity. It may not be fast at all.

On the other hand, if you are thinking why it takes a long time to upload files to the internet like pictures to your social media accounts, or videos to YouTube, and large files into storage websites like Google drive, then the answer to that is the upload speed. Your internet connection may not have a decent upload speed.

These speeds can be determined by an internet connection speed test tool.

Knowing if Your Internet Service Provider is Being Honest with You

Since an internet connection speed test tool can determine your internet connection speeds, then from that you can know if your internet service provider is being honest with you. At the start of availing an internet service form an ISP, you will be given the options for your internet connection bundle. Usually, the more expensive the bundle is, the faster the internet connection is. So if you are paying for a very expensive internet connection bundle but you still suffer from slow internet speeds, then use the speed test tool to know if you are receiving the speeds that you deserve to receive.

Improving Your Wi Fi Speed

An online speed test tool will also help you determine if your internet connection speed is decent enough for you. The PTCL speed test tool will help you determine if your net connection speeds meet your own demands for internet connectivity.