What is best noise cancelling headphones

Because of the high competition, headphone manufacturers reduce prices and improve sound quality. Three years ago, it was impossible to find wireless headphones for $200 with functionality and sound, like Plantronics BackBeat PRO 2 which is one of the best noise cancelling headphones.


The second model of BackBeat PRO is compact the first by 35% and lighter by 15% (289 g). The manufacturer changed the design of the cups from round to oval. The filling is rethought and pleases with a new sound. The headband covered with a perforated cloth, solid metal guides and rotating hinges remained unchanged.

The BackBeat design is closed. Non-removable ear cushions from kozhzama completely cover the ears. The thickness of the filler is comparable with the Beats Solo 3. I would like a thicker, like the Beats Studio.


On the left side are the track control buttons, the volume ring and the switch between best noise cancelling headphones and the listening mode of ambient sounds.

best noise cancelling headphones

On the right is a button for answering an incoming call, switching on and pairing, muteing the microphone, and a micro USB connector for charging.

Externally, Plantronics is closer to the classic headphones. The design is uncritical. However, if you look closely, then in the details there is a luridness: the plastic under the tree somehow gets along with the insertion under the metal and the glossy rims.


I think that Fostex, Bose or Sony would not allow themselves such a style confusion and vacillation.

On the other hand, if the above listed manufacturers released the same sophisticated headphones as BackBeat PRO 2, the price would be 2-3 times higher.

What can

Play music without wires . Bluetooth 4.0 with support for A2DP and aptX, keep up to 100 meters.


Long work . 24 hours in listening mode and 21 days in standby mode. For two weeks I only recharged my headphones three times with the active use.

Identify put on or removed . For me and other owners of AirPods, the optical sensors for putting music on pause during the removal of the headphones became a pleasant “chip.” However, in 2011 Plantronics equipped its headsets with smart sensors that fixed the time of removal and putting on. Now it’s clear who Apple has seen the idea.


Cut off the external noise . The Plantronics active noise reduction system works softer than Bose QuietComfort 35: some of the noise still penetrates inside. On the other hand, the “full vacuum” of QC35 I personally caused nausea and a holocaust, which was never with BackBeat PRO 2.

Listen to the street . The music listening mode captivated me in the wired Jabra Vega. It is useful when you need to listen to the announcement in the subway or answer the passer-by to the question without removing the headphones. When you press the button, the music stops and the external microphones are switched on.


The first thing to hear is a flattened stereopanorama. I want to breathe deeply, but something restrains me. The headphones are nice, nice sounding, but the light is not enough.


But it amazed the reserve of sounding the low-frequency range. None of the tracks in my collection were able to get BackBeat to press the bass tail. The headphones perfectly hold trance, heavy metal, dub step.

And this is bluetooth-headphones! Never before have I seen such a deep bass, worthy wired models. It is worth noting that, unlike the Beats overheads, the Plantronics frequency balance is observed. The middle and high sound harmonious with the lower.

However, for instrumental music, I would not recommend this model. The voice and guitar lose their vitality here, like an invisible hand put weighting on them.

Plantronics BackBeat PRO 2 is best noise cancelling headphones ideal for electronic music and rock. It’s just a mast hev, you have to listen.

In terms of functionality they do not yet have equal among classmates.