Voice over services: a concept, an entry

The videos are for companies one of the most exploited for internal communication and to make it accessible to a global audience corporate video content. The service of Vo recording (voice-over or dubbing) is to register, by a professional speaker native speakers of Italian or foreign language text for sound support. Voice concerns audiovisual genres: documentaries, corporate videos, technical and scientific videos, but also various types of commercials, presentations, video guides and other achievements video.

Voice of BW Translations

In line with the professionalism that characterizes us, we offer voice over services in different languages and language combinations. All of our voice over services are carried out by native speakers and technical experts in the dubbing room. In fact, the voice can be daunting, requiring the collaboration of expert translators and interpreters. First of all you need to transcribe the original text and then translating it; after that an interpreter will take care of the voice of the video in the language required, so that the sync voice-picture perfect.

Reviews drafts and proof-reading: timely and accurate verification of texts

In revisions of drafts and proof-reading, the intervention of a specialist is required for the verification of texts already in the language.

The critical eye of a second person may be useful to detect errors have escaped the numerous controls on the first for quality development of texts or to check the formal correctness of the translation. Click for More Details

A revision of drafts specializing

The revision of drafts is a personalized service and optional in addition to translation. Is recommended for texts intended for publication and involves a careful analysis of content by another auditor native speaker. The goal is to get a text particularly fluid, elegant and efficient in terms of communication, in respect of the content and message of the translated text. The revision, or “cross-check” in English, is an in-depth analysis of the text, not limited to the syntactic aspect – but also stylistic and grammatical terminology, in order to provide an improved text in all its aspects.

The aim is to compare the translated text with the source text in order to ensure that there are no omissions or errors of appraisal and interpretation of content. It is clear that the review involves a time and skills more than proof-reading, so it’s even more challenging. We provide editing and revision of elaborate, in accordance with the layout, regardless of the format in which it receives the starting layout, as well as proof-reading — correction and adaptation of already translated texts. You can use the service both separately and jointly to the translation already commissioned.

Proofreading and proof-reading

The proof-reading is the basis for post-where normally you are proofreading, finalizing rereading upon detection of any typos, typos, repetitions, missing parts and misspellings and syntax in General including control of layout and so on. At this stage of post-translation, terminology and therefore checks don’t work on vocabulary, unless there are high-profile cases and easy-to-find, and do not act thus neither the contents nor stylistic register.

Proofreading is therefore a function that normally falls to a native speaker in active language, which will use a common spell checker. Since persons performing the sole function of draft control normally not make assessments in terminology, the time taken to perform the task is relatively short. For us, the proofreading is an integral part of the work offered as regards the worldwide translation services provided which are thoroughly tested at the level of correctness grammar and syntax. The service is offered on request for any checks to be carried out on texts from other sources other than BW translations. Our staff will make an excellent service, responding quickly to the needs of our customers.

Areas of expertise

We offer a wide range of audit services and proof-reading of academic, scientific and professional, such as:

  • Material for courses and training
  • Academic or scientific publications
  • Magazine articles
  • Company presentations
  • Texts for the web
  • Technical manuals
  • Thesis or master